Orygins is made up of a team of experts ...

On a project since its creation by the elaboration of the specifications and by the
recruitment of the skills necessary for the development and the realization. This team comes from the semiconductor industry and mobile telecommunications.

Orygins supports project management which includes electronic hardware development, basic software development, certification, production, inspection, cosmetic design.

New technologies involve more and more expertise, this leads to more partnerships …

Orygin-Sources teams up with experts to gather the skills needed for the success of a specific project.

Driving Assistant, driver vigilance, navigation system, cold monitoring, audience measurement, endermology, portable medical device, solar kit …

naturally connected over the airs.


On the road, more and more electronics are embedded in vehicles for both driving
assistance and comfort, the first experiences are realized with after-sales solutions.
Humans rely on vision as the first sense to orient and interact with the world around us. Our vision does not only mean the recognition of objects, but also the context in which they operate and the prediction of their intentions. Imagine a world where the devices around us could do the same thing. We already have the technology to reduce road accidents …

Artificial Intelligence enables detection and recognition using computer vision to enhance the experiences of everyday life by allowing these environments to see and understand us.
IA offers intelligent sensing solutions for our home, including ViewerSense, a viewer analytics and audience measurement solution for the TV audience, and DeviceSense, a contactless gesture solution for smart devices and smartphones. consumer electronics.

Internet of Things (IoT), more and more objects will be connected and will be able to perform tasks at the edge before raising the result to higher levels
With the development of computer, communication and control technologies, traditional industrial control is undergoing an unprecedented revolution in the Internet of Things.
Industrial control always requires long, continuous, reliable and complete data transmission in certain adverse environments subject to high temperature, humidity, vibration or bad EMI.