Assisted driving, danger zone with Coyote a la carte … Know more

Navigation system, traffic information, risk area, with Coyote Nav…Know more

Artificial Intelligence secures driving by the vigilance of the driver using an Infra-Red camera and an image processing unit including behavioral recognition algorithms. The system analyzes the position of the body, the head, the opening of the eyes and the blinking of the eyelids, the direction of the gaze, the dilation of the pupil, detects the signs of falling asleep or of inattention, in order to launch the alerts corresponding.

For comfort the system by learning is able to take into account the preferences of the driver and allow him control by gesture recognition … Know more

The audience measurement has become mobile thanks to a wearable mini device, the system is equipped to identify the media listening, locate the listening position and transmit to the servers the data that will be analyzed in order to produce audience reports without the need for human action …know more

The home audience measurement by Artificial Intelligence will be a technical revolution in the media industry. The system will be able to analyze in real time the reactions of a group of viewers and considerably enrich the reports by the automatic detection of behaviors, emotions… know more

The refrigerated transport requires the monitoring of the cold zone with a sharpness down to -30 ° with an accuracy of 1 ° C. In addition, the cold zone is closed metallically, our solution implementing RFID sensor in cold zone and a reader in driver cabin makes it possible to monitor every minute the temperature. The case AVL ensures the location during the transport …know more

The AVL module locates the refrigerated vehicle and offers a platform for monitoring temperature and humidity for the duration of the transport every minute …know more  

To compensate for the lack of infrastructure in some regions of the world, a solar kit provides a solution for a minimum service such as lighting, charging devices (phones …). The kit consists of a solar panel of a charger block with battery and a set of LED lamps. In addition to the lighting function, the kit includes a radio and can be optionally equipped with a LORA or GSM modem for costly messages …know more

Portable medical devices (wearable) are increasingly connected either via Blueooth or directly to cellular networks, Orygins through its activity Harmoni offers solutions for hearing, for the monitoring of sensitive people …know more