Orygins is made up of a team of experts who has been working on a project since its inception through the development of specifications and the recruitment of skills required for development and implementation. This team comes from the semiconductor industry and mobile telecommunications.

Orygins supports the project management which includes the electronic development of the equipment, the development of the basic software, the certification, the production, the inspection, the cosmetic design,

The ecosystem for mobile electronics includes chip system manufacturers, approved card designers, function software developers, and system integrators.

Our expertise for ARM and Intel-based architectures allows us to make the optimum choice among which Mediatek, Qualcomm, Rockchip, Ambarella, Sequans … according to the technical specifications of the project to be realized.

According to the environmental constraints, the solution can be made either from a chip assembly on a substrate to build a module, or an assembly of encapsulated chips mounted on a multilayer printed circuit board to build an electronic device.

Among our partners, Jungo an expert in Artificial Intelligence for driving assistance, for home automation and for the Internet of Things, Sygic a navigation expert for heavy vehicles, Tzone an expert in cold temperature monitoring, Neoway an expert in GSM modules / GPS, Farsight an expert in electronic board design, Techvision a systems integrator … Know more